What is TANF?

The Washoe Native TANF Program (WNTP) provides temporary aid and services to WNTP Native American families with children that are at risk of welfare dependency. The program focuses on providing services that strengthen families, prepare workers for jobs and encourage participants to achieve self-sufficiency. Services include:
  • Career Development Services
  • Education and Employment Services
  • Youth Program Services
  • Achievement Incentives
  • Support Services

How to get started...

If you qualify, we provide temporary assistance for families with Native American Children.
  1. Find an office location near you
  2. Call the WNTP office in your service area
  3. Talk with a representative or complete an eligibility screening from
  4. An appointment can be scheduled to determine whether you are eligible
Struggling to make ends meet can be frustrating…if you have Native American children (child) you may qualify for assistance with money, education, career development and more…find an office near you and call for more information!


With one car that in was not in good running condition, Maria had to work out a schedule to get all the kids to daycare and school, her husband to his various appointments and get herself to her classes. When asked, what is something she can do now that she wasn’t able to do before entering the Washoe Native TANF program she smiled and said, “Buy a home, teach, help support the last two of her kids in college and travel”. 

After struggling with many obstacles and overcoming them by obtaining a good paying job with benefits Ashley was no longer dependent on TANF. She is very proud of her accomplishments, is grateful for all the assistance from the Washoe Native TANF Program and now knows that she can provide for her family on her own. Her new goal is working towards advancement with her new company. 

Kyle had responsibilities to his family that weren’t being met working at Taco Bell so when he was accepted into the On-The-Job training program at Washoe Native TANF it was an opportunity of a lifetime! He was being paid to work and learn new skills that will work into a lifetime career.  A year later, “With the skills Kyle has learned he could walk down the street and get hired by any one of the half dozen HVAC shops around here” said the shop owner.

Emily and Travis’ marriage is just the latest of many successes that Emily experienced within her first year of beginning the Washoe Native TANF program. With the support of Travis and the program, Emily obtained her Dental Assistant Certificate, and was hired full-time at the office where she completed her externship. With the assistance of TANF’s Marriage Promotion program Emily, along with her two sons, and Travis, have fulfilled their dream of becoming a two-parent family.  

Gregory was determined to transform his challenges into successes, with the help of the Washoe Native TANF program, by committing himself to earning a GED while obtaining employment. He was hired as a seasonal UPS Package Handler and promoted to a regular part-time position. In the future he is hoping to obtain a class A license and drive UPS trucks.