What is TANF?

The Washoe Native TANF Program (WNTP) provides temporary aid and services to WNTP Native American families with children that are at risk of welfare dependency. The program focuses on providing services that strengthen families, prepare workers for jobs and encourage participants to achieve self-sufficiency. Services include:
  • Career Development Services
  • Education and Employment Services
  • Youth Program Services
  • Achievement Incentives
  • Support Services

How to get started...

If you qualify, we provide temporary assistance for families with Native American Children.
  1. Find an office location near you
  2. Call the WNTP office in your service area
  3. Talk with a representative or complete an eligibility screening from
  4. An appointment can be scheduled to determine whether you are eligible
Due to the Corona Virus all Washoe Native TANF offices are closed to the public until further notice. We will continue to serve our participants via telephone. If you have questions contact your nearest office or call 1-888-612-TANF (8263). Please check back here for updates!